Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal – MAT

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Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal – MAT

With the provisions of the Article 323A of the Indian Constitution, The Parliament of India has acted upon the Administrative Tribunals Act, 1985. The Central Government of India issued a Government Gazette on 22 nd April 1988 for the establishment of State Administrative Tribunal for the Maharashtra State. Thus Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal was established on 8 th July 1991.

The main objective of establishment of Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal is to provide a fast and effective remedy to all the employees of the Government of Maharashtra. There are around five lakhs of government employees that are covered under this Act. Benches of Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal

The Principle Bench of Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal is in Mumbai. The other Benches are at Nagpur and Aurangabad.

Powers of Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal

 As per Section 15 of Administrative Tribunals Act 1985, MAT is facilitated by all the powers of High Court with regard to the service matters pertaining to the Government servants of the Maharashtra state.

 MAT has been assigned with the powers to determine the action as per the provisions of Contempt of Court Act, 1971 which are exercisable by High Court, as per Section 17 of the Act.

The Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal (Contempt of Courts) Rules, 1996

The Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal hereby makes the following rules to regulate the proceedings under the said Act, namely:

Contempt in the presence of the Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal is as follows

 The place where the contempt is committed in view or hearing or presence of the tribunal, the contemnor must be punished at the same Bench of MAT.

 In the scenario of pending determination of a charge, The MAT can direct that the contemnor shall be detained in the custody

 Provided that, the contemnor may be released on bail on such terms as the Tribunal may direct, In this regard, the provisions of rule 11 shall apply.

Procedure of filling the application at MAT

An application to the Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal shall be presented in Form I by the applicant in person or an agent or by an authorized legal practitioner to Registrar or any other officer at authority in writing be sent by registered post with acknowledgment due addressed to the Registrar of the Bench concerned.

How the Application should be presented?

The application should be in a paper book form. There should be three copies along with one unused file size envelope having the full address of the respondent. The applicant may attach to and present with his application a receipt slip in Form II which shall be signed by the Registrar or the Officer receiving the application on behalf of the Registrar in acknowledgment of the receipt of the application.

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